A New Beginning


Upon receiving my extremely overpriced graduation portrait proofs, I took a moment to look back on the last four years of my college life. These years were filled with countless new beginnings – most of which ended extremely quickly. I can’t tell you the number of club meetings that I’ve gone to, promising that I would be an active member, just to find myself deleting my email from the mailing list two weeks later. Thinking back on it, I realized that of all the things that I’ve done throughout my college career, blogging was the one hobby I kept at the longest.

I started Pshaws Corner as a high schooler stuck in a boarding school in the middle of some random mountain in Korea. I wrote about everything and anything… and I absolutely loved it. I got a visitor once in a blue moon and my prose sucked (not that it’s much better now), but I didn’t care. I thought it was amazing to be able to write down my thoughts and physically (well… electronically, at least) make my ‘mark on the world’ and ramble on about the random things I found interest in.

While traveling and studying abroad during my Junior year, it seems that I completely forgot about this wonderful little space of mine on the Internet. Close to graduation (and suffering from severe Senioritis), I decided to open up this place again. Maybe you’ll decide to follow me along my journey? Hopefully my hectic life keeps you (or at least my future old-blog-post-reading-self) entertained.


Cheers to gelato ♥

– Sujin


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